Patrol Dogs

One of our specialist services we are extremely proud of is our operational patrol dogs. We have a long history in training and handling patrol dogs and have drawn on our experience in the Military, Police and Security Industry. One of our fully trained general purpose patrol dogs can give a greater flexibility, rapid action and more fluid approach than several traditional security officers could. Not only do they detect intrusion, provide a strong deterrent they may also recover or physically stop an intruder or thief. The quality of a patrol dog is not only dependent on the canine breeding or bloodlines but also on how that dog is trained, conditioned and lives. Whilst we have a preference for the Belgium or German shepherd breeds, as they have the proven temperament and attitude as well as strength and stamina. We insist on the highest possible welfare standards for all our dogs, and only take on dogs and handlers that meet our strict criteria. Home inspections, continuation training and on site visits form part of our basic standards and procedures.
Our Staff
  • Fully SIA licensed and trained to the highest industry standards
  • Able to prevent trespassing and vandalism
  • Trained to deliver reception & concierge duties for corporate premises
  • Able to undertake risk assessment and health and safety checks
  • Able to offer Gatehouse security for entrance and exit points
  • Able to provide CCTV and alarm system surveillance
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