Risk Consultancy

Whether your company needs a security vulnerability assessment for one location or for multiple sites, Calibre provides reliable risk evaluations and security consulting that help protect your assets. Identifying the full range of risks your business might face requires specialist knowledge, Calibre brings experience with first hand knowledge by providing first class risk assessment consultants. We have a team which has the ability to deal with all manner of challenges. Our risk experts offer security risk surveys, risk consultancy services and business resilience and continuity planning for both public and private sector clients. They can analyse your exposure to a whole spectrum of risks and ensure the continuity and resilience of your organisation. We can then implement our recommendations for you, so you benefit from a complete end-to-end service.

Our Staff
  • Fully SIA licensed and trained to the highest industry standards
  • Able to prevent trespassing and vandalism
  • Trained to deliver reception & concierge duties for corporate premises
  • Able to undertake risk assessment and health and safety checks
  • Able to offer Gatehouse security for entrance and exit points
  • Able to provide CCTV and alarm system surveillance
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